Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday 7/12

Today i started out by going to my first DIRS meeting. i found it interesting and i gained a lot of knowledge about what the collect in September is really going to be. i have been very annoyed by my partner because he has been slacking off even more than me. this morning he fell asleep while we were working in the lab. then to top that off he was drawing pretty pictures of random transformers or Pokemon or something, i don't even know, during the DIRS meeting. after the meeting in the afternoon we got to go outside and collect some GPS points to test the GPS unit, making sure it was going to be ready for the data collect in September. finally Nina asked me to learn how to plot the GPS points in ArcGIS but i could not figure it out and i spent 3 hours trying. so if anyone reading this knows how, let me know thanks!

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