Wednesday, August 15, 2012


today tyler and i finished up grommeting targets. we took all four targets, the two 16'x16',the 24'x24' and the 30'x30', outside to be squared up and grometed around the edges. this took us untill lunch. after lunch i spent time working on my blog posts and my powerpoint. that was about it for the day!


tyler and i spent the whole day assembling more large pond liner targets. today it was raining so we cleared out the conference room and did it in there. just when we were about done my tools finally came to make the job 1000 times easier! i left early today to go and buy my new truck!


today we found out that the pond liner we ordered was wrong so we had to improvise for the large targets we are making. me and some other interns started grommeting in the middle of the hall..the target was the 30'x30' target so it was huge in the hall.


today we started assembling our larger base targets for john k. the targets are huge heavy and hot..


today we still cut more felt...its no fun


FELT.. alllll day. luckily some of the interns came to help. but it still sucked


today tyler and i spent the whole day painting more wood for john k. then we did a little cutting of felt..the felt is not gonna be fun

Thursday 8/2

today we measured lots and lots of felt.. it sucked. the end

friday 8/3

today nina and i went shopping for different things we could use to attach pieces of felt together. after that we went to lunch. Thanks for the sub! in the afternoon tyler and i tested the things we came up with, using glues and other things to try and attach the felt most efficiently.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday 8/6

Today we went to home depot and bought a lot of sucked be cause we had to load 100 pieces of 2x12 in mikes van and it all fell on me. I then had to paint all the wood green and yellow while it was like 100 degrees

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today first thing Tyler and I started with the PowerPoint we got a lot done but need to do more. I got to use the asd all by myself for the first time. At 10 we went to a thesis defense and it was pretty interesting. After getting back from that we finished the PowerPoint. Around 230 I presented my PowerPoint and I think it was a success!


Today Tyler and I had the task of making a PowerPoint all about materials for use as targets. This is all we worked on today and it was slow we have to finish it tomorrow to present it at 2


Today I went to hemlock lake to take measurements at the test sites. I got the job of using the gps but we were haveing a lot of trouble getting satellites. For lunch I thought I brought ham but it was some thing none of us had ever heard of so I sat there and starved. Getting to be out of the office and working outside was alt of fun I wish I could do it more..but maybe on flatter land with less bugs.


It was slow this morning and I didn't do a whole lot. At 11 I went outside for lunch till like 1240 and then I just went home. That was about it