Thursday, July 26, 2012


Today was another boring day with not a lot to do because the trip to hemlock got canceled due to weather. We now hope to go monday. I found out that the person who designed the thermal target I want will be at RIT Tuesday so I hope to talk to him. I would also like to see if I can go to Alabama and actually help with the target and see how they build it that way I can create a good presentation on it. So we shall see. But yeah other than that I sat here and then at 4 I went to a presentation on eye tracking which was kind of neat.


Today we went to the wetlands with some
Environmentalist..I don't like them because everyone I killed something it as like they wanted to kill me... We sat around for a while because the laptop was dead and no one knew what they were doing. Also it was very awkward and silent It was a waste of time. After that I just went home because I was so tired from standing outside all day doing nothing. Never doing that again

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today I did a whole lot of nothin and then I went to mighty taco..after that I got my intern challenge and partner and I'm pretty sure we solved it first. That was about it


Today I had my meeting with Carl and it was pretty interesting. I presented him my ideas for the thermal target and he presented his. He had me email someone who has a good target design and through a few emails I got some real good I formation. Today I went to the garden again and today I took asd measurements of te plants. Te rest of the day I sat at the computer


I finally got to scan my pieces of wood with the asd. The rest of the day was slow and I just did some research on my thermal target.


Today was Long. I spent the whole day doing asd scans. in the morning I got to go to the garden again but the lidar was broke. When I got back I did more asd scanning samples of felt and things. I did not get to my wood.


Today I Spemt most of the day painting plywood ad cardboard..tht was about all I did everything turned out good though and I hope to test it with asd tomorrow

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

day ? tuesday

Today we learned how to use is some machine that scans things in a lot of different light forms. after being taught how to use it we got to take some measurements of peoples skin and hair for someones project. i found out today that i never want to go to another PHD defense because they are the longest most boring things ever.. i got nothing that the guy said. something about piston tip tilt... i dont even know. tomorrow i get to start painting some test targets and prove the plywood is not a good target choice like i said yesterday.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday week 2

So today I met the 4th intern in my group Brennan ..and I met Ann Marie. I'm helping Ann Marie with her experiment and we are building a water thermal target for the data collect. I did some envi tutorials today witch made no sense. I got to go on a trip to lowes with this guy who's name I forgot. He is doing this giant experiment well is more like 4's huge..we get some wood an paint and stuff and now I have to paint them and scan them with ASD or something like that..i dont know I don't think it's going to work because it's very hard to pait rough plywood a solid color ..I think fabrics would work a lot better and would be easyer to deploy..but we will see they are the experts I think. Oh yeah I forgot I when to lunch today and got some tots and bacon..mmmm bacon! So yeah tomorrow's Tuesday and another day and we shall see what it brings ha bye

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Today I started the morning with Nadya measuring the plants again. After that I came in to the lab and put the data in a spread sheet. All 3 of the other interns in my group are on vacation till like Tuesday or Wednesday now it's just me and this guy mike sitting in the lab staring at the computer screens. Yeah fun... Well I have to go do work now so yeah bye if your reading this today and want to come see me before I leave at 5 go right ahead im on the 3rd floor next to the insight lab sitting at the computer doing tutorials! Yay!

Thursday 7/12

Today i started out by going to my first DIRS meeting. i found it interesting and i gained a lot of knowledge about what the collect in September is really going to be. i have been very annoyed by my partner because he has been slacking off even more than me. this morning he fell asleep while we were working in the lab. then to top that off he was drawing pretty pictures of random transformers or Pokemon or something, i don't even know, during the DIRS meeting. after the meeting in the afternoon we got to go outside and collect some GPS points to test the GPS unit, making sure it was going to be ready for the data collect in September. finally Nina asked me to learn how to plot the GPS points in ArcGIS but i could not figure it out and i spent 3 hours trying. so if anyone reading this knows how, let me know thanks!

wednesday 7/11

Today was my second day working in the lab. Nina never showed up so Tyler and I where kind of lost. Both of us had our todo lists though so we just sat at the computers all day working on tutorials and reading articles. The netting I went to in the morning was very interesting. It was about how one student is using LIDAR to scan rood tips of building and then turn them I to 3d models.(i think) I ended up leaving early because I had gotten so tired of staring at the computer. I would deffinety be happier outside or working on building things or something.

Tuesday 7/10

Well today was my first day with Nina. Today i also found out that Cassie is going to be joining my group because her group didnt want interns anymore. The first thing I did was go out into the RIT garden and take measurements of some tomato plants. There are 4 different sections of tomatoes some are in plain dirt some are in compost some are in worm power and some are in bio char. I got to use a price of equipment called LIDAR witch makes a point cloud of the scanned object. So far it looks like its going to be a good summer.

Monday, July 9, 2012

first day

Today was my first day at the internship. It was pretty cool. I got to meet a lot of people and get to know them. I also got to learn the campus better. The best part of the day was winning the video competition and the free pizza! I'm excited to get started with the research and can't wait to learn more about remote sensing!