Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday week 2

So today I met the 4th intern in my group Brennan ..and I met Ann Marie. I'm helping Ann Marie with her experiment and we are building a water thermal target for the data collect. I did some envi tutorials today witch made no sense. I got to go on a trip to lowes with this guy who's name I forgot. He is doing this giant experiment well is more like 4's huge..we get some wood an paint and stuff and now I have to paint them and scan them with ASD or something like that..i dont know I don't think it's going to work because it's very hard to pait rough plywood a solid color ..I think fabrics would work a lot better and would be easyer to deploy..but we will see they are the experts I think. Oh yeah I forgot I when to lunch today and got some tots and bacon..mmmm bacon! So yeah tomorrow's Tuesday and another day and we shall see what it brings ha bye

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  1. If you had paid attention when you were learning how to use an ASD you would know that paint and fabric reflect differently.